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 A classic five stars in the core of Havana

Hotel Nacional de Cuba, a classic hotel from the 1930's  and a jewel of local architecture, a five stars in the core of Havana....

A natural Paradise touching the clouds

Salto de Caburni - Excursion to Caburni Water Falls and lagoon, in the Escambray mountain range, near Trinidad de Cuba. ....

The Submarine World in The Island of Pines

Scuba Diving in the Isle of Youth, Hotel Colony and its Scuba Diving Centre...one of the best diving's of the Caribbean....

A hideaway island in the middle of the Caribbean Sea

Cayo Largo del Sur, an island  paradise surrounded by ocean, with pristine waters and always cool sand...plus amazing All Inclusive resorts....

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Incentive Groups to Cuba. A unique destination for Trips in the Caribbean

Those organizations committed to arrange Incentive travel all around the world, have in Cuba one of the hottest destinations for such a project. The Caribbean Island of Cuba has a proved tourist infrastructure which is now able to support any Incentive trip with all its required services, offering the clients an infinitive number of possibilities to have a life time holidays. High quality 5 stars hotels, some of them belonging to prestigious Chains such as Sol Melia or LTI, a well prepared and trained personnel to handle Incentive groups, an increasing infrastructure for meetings, conferences, workshops and of course, the personalized attention we provide our clients with, will make you feel you have chosen the best place for your people to have a deserved and unforgettable vacations.


When we talk about Incentive groups having their programs in Cuba, we think of the unique experience of being in the largest Caribbean island, where culture, nature and society have, each one, a distinctive touch in comparison to its neighbors.

In Cuba, you will see tropical beaches bathing the feet of a mountain range, where exotic flora and fauna can be appreciated just minutes away. You could take an old steam train and ride through a valley that shined during colonial times, and see the ruins of ancient sugar mills while having lunch at the “Hacienda”. Visitors can go in former Russian military trucks climbing the mountains to reach a hidden farm surrounded by clouds, and once there, be amazed by the view of ancient caves, waterfalls and lagoons, as well as enjoy a typical Cuban Creole lunch in a ranch. For incentive groups, we always arrange beautiful excursions and tours to the countryside, to appreciate tropical nature paradises. Among some of them you will find spots that has been declared World Heritage Sites.

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Also, in the main Beach resorts existing in the island, we can organize nautical excursions in catamarans and yachts with “open bar”, golf courses for lovers of this sport, gala dinners by the sea shore, receptions in old mansions, and much more. The All Inclusive hotels recently built in some of the Cuban marvelous beaches, can provide clients with the best accommodation, high comfort and all the modern facilities regarding communications, sports, entertainment and personalized services.


In cities like Havana, the capital of the island, we have tested the most attractive places, and the result is always the same, clients more than satisfied…clients even surprised. Historic hotels like The Nacional, with the glamour of the 1920´s ( the time when it was built) , an outstanding conservation of styles and décor, plus alleys and walls full of history depicted in photos hanging everywhere, can be combined with modern Hotels like Melia Cohiba, where technology and services honors the 21st century.  Both kinds of facilities have splendorous swimming pools with restaurants and bars around, that if required, can provide exclusive services to incentive groups having their scheduled activities there.

The final touch of uniqueness would be to incorporate visits to elite mansions and private clubs, exhibiting a remarkable architecture and beautiful tropical gardens, where to have cocktails and gala dinners. To reach these places, we take participants aboard Vintage American cars, and return them to their hotels in horse carriages. Worldwide known cabarets, such as Tropicana and Parisien, are frequently incorporated to our Incentive programs. The Shows performed in there have a unique touch of Caribbean cultural mix. The music and dance clients will appreciate during the artists’ presentations, will die hard in their memories, as the strength of the voices and movements are more than impressive.

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From small towns surrounded by mountains, ancient farms and magnificent valleys, to colonial cities with several centuries of History, or amazing boat-rides through underwater rivers and expeditions to archaeological sites, we can arrange for you an unforgettable journey. Visits to colonial castles, stone made fortresses which have seen military action centuries before, tours through the cities in old carriages or in American cars from the first half of the 20 th century, steam trains expeditions and any other exciting activity you might have in mind could be design to give your clients a life time prize. The international and typical Cuban cuisine will also be a piece of experience for participants, who will take home the flavor of different meals prepared by expert hands.

We at Cubanjourneys.com put on your hands all our experience and commitment, and our wish to team up with you to design and run the best Incentive you can offer to any organization! Let’s begin discussing the idea, contact us for the first approach at: sales@cubanjourneys.com



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