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 A classic five stars in the core of Havana

Hotel Nacional de Cuba, a classic hotel from the 1930's  and a jewel of local architecture, a five stars in the core of Havana....

A natural Paradise touching the clouds

Salto de Caburni - Excursion to Caburni Water Falls and lagoon, in the Escambray mountain range, near Trinidad de Cuba. ....

The Submarine World in The Island of Pines

Scuba Diving in the Isle of Youth, Hotel Colony and its Scuba Diving Centre...one of the best diving's of the Caribbean....

A hideaway island in the middle of the Caribbean Sea

Cayo Largo del Sur, an island  paradise surrounded by ocean, with pristine waters and always cool sand...plus amazing All Inclusive resorts....

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Flights from Europe to Cuba.


Daily Flights Arriving in Havana from: Europe 18:10
aireuropa Departing from Havana to: Europe 20:10
Price Price
Flight Date Date On WaY Round Trip
Number Depart from: Arrive in: from: to: in USD in USD
UX051 Madrid Havana 16/01/ 30/06/ 545,00 676,00
  16/09/ 14/12/
UX051 Madrid Havana 01/07/ 15/09/ 626,00 784,00
  15/12/ 15/01/
UX051 London Havana 01/01/ 27/06/ 599,00 784,00
  27/08/ 11/12/
UX051 London Havana 28/06/ 26/08/ 680,00 892,00
  12/12/ 31/12/
UX051 Paris Havana 01/01/ 27/06/ 599,00 784,00
  27/08/ 11/12/
UX051 Paris Havana 28/06/ 26/08/ 680,00 892,00
  12/12/ 31/12/
UX051 Milan & Roma Havana 11/01/ 18/06/ 599,00 784,00
14/09 10/12/
UX051 Millan & Roma Havana 19/06 13/09/ 680,00 892,00
  11/12 10/01/

Flights from / to London, Paris, Milan & Rome stop over in Madrid.




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