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 A classic five stars in the core of Havana

Hotel Nacional de Cuba, a classic hotel from the 1930's  and a jewel of local architecture, a five stars in the core of Havana....

A natural Paradise touching the clouds

Salto de Caburni - Excursion to Caburni Water Falls and lagoon, in the Escambray mountain range, near Trinidad de Cuba. ....

The Submarine World in The Island of Pines

Scuba Diving in the Isle of Youth, Hotel Colony and its Scuba Diving Centre...one of the best diving's of the Caribbean....

A hideaway island in the middle of the Caribbean Sea

Cayo Largo del Sur, an island  paradise surrounded by ocean, with pristine waters and always cool sand...plus amazing All Inclusive resorts....

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The Club Habana

The Club Habana gather and offers  diplomats, executives, and business people, several options for  their social and business contacts. The installation  provides professional services,  accommodation in luxury apartments, lounges for business meetings with all required equipment, plus additional attractions related to sport, improvement of the quality of life, leisure activities and entertainment. There are a beautiful small private beach with nautical options at clients’ disposal, including Scuba diving packages, swimming pools, and much more.
The Main House (Casa Club) was built in 1928 as the Havana Biltmore Yacht and Country Club. Ever since it was founded, the place has been a symbol of architectural expression, in which the classic component prevails within the essentially eclectic code of Republican buildings. It was meant for high-level sports amateurs. The Casa Club provides a wide variety of services, characterized by utmost professionalism and high-quality level. The place, nestled among beautiful gardens, will make you enjoy a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere.


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