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 A classic five stars in the core of Havana

Hotel Nacional de Cuba, a classic hotel from the 1930's  and a jewel of local architecture, a five stars in the core of Havana....

A natural Paradise touching the clouds

Salto de Caburni - Excursion to Caburni Water Falls and lagoon, in the Escambray mountain range, near Trinidad de Cuba. ....

The Submarine World in The Island of Pines

Scuba Diving in the Isle of Youth, Hotel Colony and its Scuba Diving Centre...one of the best diving's of the Caribbean....

A hideaway island in the middle of the Caribbean Sea

Cayo Largo del Sur, an island  paradise surrounded by ocean, with pristine waters and always cool sand...plus amazing All Inclusive resorts....

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Cultural Tour Program. The Whole Cuba (2 weeks)

Cuban History, Architecture, Art, Religion, traditional cigar manufacturing process and, in general, the country's life and culture, combined with nature related activities and time to enjoy Varadero Beach's pristine waters are the most important facets of this two weeks tour, the longest we offer in our section "The Best of Cuba" tours
Havana is the starting point. A walking tour in Old Havana, World Heritage Site since 1982, guided by a specialist on architectural preservation, will take the participants to the oldest streets, squares, mansions and churches on this area, currently under rehabilitation. At the same time the tour will include a visit to Spanish fortresses like "La Fuerza", built in the 16th century, and also provide an overview of the main exponents of the Colonial defensive systems from the 17th and 18th centuries, as Morro and La Cabaña Castles, located on the harbor´s channel.
An important national tradition, the manufacturing process of Cuban cigars, will be the reason for visiting the famous Partagás Factory near the Prado Promenade and the Capitol.

A tour on Republican and Modern Havana, guided by an experienced architect, will show the group the best exponents of the early, mid and late 20th century Cuban architecture.                           
A whole afternoon will be dedicated to the Cuban and foreign painting collections in the recently restored National Fine Arts Museum.

Religion in Cuba will be also extensively focused during in this tour, with visits and conferences given by experts on religious diversity throughout times. Explanations will encompass the introduction of Catholicism brought to the Island by the Spaniards, the further incorporation of African cults brought with the African slaves and other components as Protestant, Chinese or Jewish.
After Havana the group will head East to Cienfuegos, and on the way stop at Bay of Pigs where they will visit a crocodile breeding farm and Playa Girón Museum.
In Cienfuegos, founded by Frenchmen in the 19th century on Jagua Bay, a panoramic tour in the historic zones will allow the group to appreciate the town's Neoclassical and Eclectic architectural wealth, including a visit to the beautiful Terry Theater on Central Park.

After stopping in Cienfuegos, the group will arrive to Trinidad, founded by the Spaniards in the 16th century between the sea and the mountains and inscribed as a World Heritage Site in 1988. Guided by local architects, the group will enjoy the Old Town's charm as well as the Manacas-Iznaga Plantation House and Tower on the Valley of the Sugar Mills. There they will surely appreciate the authentic remnants of the once flourishing
19th century sugar industry based on slavery. Camaguey, another Colonial town, with a special mood, will be also visited, on the way to Santiago de Cuba. In Santiago, the most Caribbean town in the country, the group will walk the narrow steeped streets from which the sea and the mountains are always viewed. Wooden or iron balconies and verandas everywhere will show the participants the peculiar character of this Southern town. Santa Ifigenia Cemetery, burial place of Cuban National Hero José Martí and other patriots, and the spectacular Morro Castle, former Spanish stronghold against corsairs and pirates on Santiago Bay, inscribed as a World Heritage Site in 1998, will be also visited.

A day in the mountains near Santiago de Cuba, will allow participants to enjoy the lush vegetation of this Cuban countryside and visit an old French-Haitian Coffee plantation, one of the many established by
Frenchmen who escaped from the 18th Century Revolution in Haiti and later on by others settled along the 19th century. On this unique place, part of a whole complex of archaeological landscapes inscribed as World Heritage in 2000 , a typical coffee will be tasted.

Ending the tour in Santiago the group will be taken to the Caridad del Cobre Sanctuary on a mountainous former copper mining area, where the Virgin of Charity, Patron of Cuba, is worshiped. Besides the beauty of the site, they will have the chance to see how thousands of devotees have left pious offerings to the Saint.                         
After visiting Santiago the group will fly to Varadero Beach where the participants will have enough time to rest and enjoy its blue and transparent waters. A city tour in Matanzas, 30 minutes away from Varadero heading West, will make the group learn why this city, with its 19th century Sauto Theater and a mass of refined Neoclassical or Eclectic buildings, has been known as "The Athens of Cuba". A visit to Bellamar Caves and a boat ride in Canímar River are also included.

From Varadero Beach the group will head by bus to Pinar del Río, the most Western Cuban Province, where typical Cuban landscapes with palm trees are abundant. On the way there will be a stop at Las Terrazas, an experimental rural community on the mountains which is an outstanding example of sustainable and ecological development in Cuba. The tour will continue to end up at Viñales Valley, declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1999. Then, a nature walk guided by a biologist from the Region and a visit to the Jardín de Caridad, an exotic and vernacular private garden. A visit to a traditional tobacco plantation is also included.

What only rests from this tour is to overnight in Havana the day before departure and say goodbye to the Capital City of Cuba by having a farewell dinner in La Divina Pastora, a restaurant facing the main entrance of the Bay, between the impressive Morro and La Cabaña fortresses.
Tour Highlights
- Program oriented for professionals and others who might be interested in combining a bit of everything in Cuba in a single trip.
- Duration: 15 days & 14 nights.
- Visits in Havana City, Bay of Pigs in Matanzas province, Cienfuegos, Trinidad, Playa Ancón, Camaguey, Santiago de Cuba, Varadero Beach, Matanzas city and Viñales Valley in Pinar del Río province.
- Accommodations in Hotel Nacional or Hotel Tryp Habana Libre in Havana, Hotel Las Cuevas in Trinidad, Hotel Meliá Santiago de Cuba in Santiago, Hotel Internacional in Varadero Beach and La Ermita or Los Jazmines Hotel in Viñales.
- All breakfasts and lunches are included, as well as most of dinners. All of them at the best spots in each place.
- Air-conditioned buses for all transportation.
- Domestic flight Santiago de Cuba - Varadero Beach.
- Full- time English-speaking guide (or other language) to accompany the group.
- City tours, visits and lectures conducted by highly experienced Cuban professionals , professors and specialists.
- Entrances to places mentioned in program are included.
- Transportation from Havana International Airport to Hotel in Havana upon arrival and transportation from Hotel in Havana to Havana International Airport upon departure.
- Price does not include international flight to Cuba, traveler insurance, Havana airport departure tax ($20 CUC) and tourist visa ($ 15 - $ 20 CUC).

Note:  The package includes all the services described above: Accommodation in 4 and 5 stars hotels, daily breakfast, lunch and dinner, Full time professional Tour Guide (Specialized Guide for specialized tours), transportation in air conditioned bus and all entrances.

Minimum of passengers required: 6
Note:  Please, Contact us to receive a quotation, a detailed copy of the itinerary or to adapt the tour itinerary to your specific requirements…….

iIf number of participants is below 6 passengers, a taylored made package can be quote for you.


Contact Us to receive a quotation, or to adapt the tour program to your specific requirements…….





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